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  • What do you do?
    We learn everything we can about you with the intent of helping you to make new decisions, take new actions, and come to believe in yourself and your capabilities in an elevated way. Our goal is to help you see the blind spots that create your limiting beliefs so that you can move beyond them and create new beliefs.
  • Who do we work with?
    Our clients have spent time working on personal development and growth. They usually have a clearly developed self-awareness and seek continued growth in their lives. They are developing careers, strong relationships, have a sense of universal connection, seek happiness and self-fulfillment. Clients come to us knowing that they have great potential and are feeling frustrated by their pace of change. They work hard at doing more and being more and still feel like things are just out of reach. Our clients are ready for something different, they are ready to make sustainable, measurable life changes breaking away from the thought, belief, and action patterns that have held them back.
  • What Can I expect from a coaching Session?
    In the first sessions you can expect to share what you want to achieve, your goals and why these goals are important. You can expect that we will dig beyond a surface or superficial purpose, that we will get to the root of why you want what you say you want. You can expect that your coach will be working with you to set achievable milestones along the journey, being your partner in the process. Sometimes clients experience difficulty and stress during the process. This is expected and something your coach is here to help guide you through so you can achieve magic life changing milestones.
  • How long does a Coaching Program Last?
    Research has shown that it can take several months for the human brain to change neural connections that create sustainable changes in beliefs, attitudes, and actions. Coaching programs vary in length, with this research in mind we begin at 12 weeks. It will take a few sessions for us to get to know each other and develop trust. Beyond the initial 12 weeks, custom and ongoing support packages are available based on individual needs in support of specific goals. For some, 12 weeks will be sufficient and for others we develop long term relationships.
  • Why do I need a Coach?
    You don’t, however you’ve found your way to us for a reason. If you’re considering a coach, it’s likely that you’ve identified areas of your life that you are yearning to change and improve. You’ve come to the realization that you are a powerful person and could use a little guidance to get where you want to be. A little food for thought, coaches often have coaches. We have learned that a different perspective and someone that holds us accountable helps us achieve our goals and enhances our happiness.
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