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Anthony Graziano

Hello and Welcome

I am Anthony Graziano. I created Graziano Coaching to help people like me. By all outward appearances I was living the successful dream life however I was feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. My experiences and successes, as well as my failures inspired me to help you get to where you want to be and achieve the happiness that we all deserve.


My Story

I come to coaching through my own work and education. Looking back in time, I see what family, friends, and co-workers saw in me for years, including their frustration. I am smart, educated with an M.B.A., a hard worker, ambitious, and at the same time my achievements did not meet my capability. My potential throughout life greatly exceeded my achievements. I was gratefully introduced to personal development seminars by my brother, and I felt like the whole world opened. I had a new awareness about who I am and what I’m capable of. I kept going back and doing the work and left the seminars energized and motivated to change. I’d go home with the belief and attitude that I was going to change everything. I read personal development books, listened to audio books, listened to and wrote affirmations, meditated, and more. Nothing changed, except now I held this awareness that I was not doing what was going to make me happy, that I was not meeting my capabilities, that I was not building my dreams. The shift came when I really dug in deep into who and what I am, when I came to believe what everyone in my life told me they saw in me, and then started acting. That’s the secret right there. Action coupled with a shift in personal perception and belief.

Thank You Again

Thanks for looking at yourself and considering me to help you achieve your goals. If you’re like me, you’ve done a lot of work and have started to see some results yet feel like the big things are just out of reach. I know that feeling well. I’ve found my way through those self-imposed barriers. If you’re ready and willing to get to work, then I will guide you through those barriers as well.

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